A Thousand Years of Boredom;
The Cruelest Witch in the World;

Mmm. That was a nice long nap.

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How do you stay emotionless when Erika cries in front of you? She may only be just a piece, but she loves you so much. Don't you feel that?

If an insect cries at a human’s feet, does the human feel anything?

I think you don’t understand something fundamental about the Witching world. If you fail at a game, then you die. All that matters in the Witching world is results. No love. No tears. 



Here. Have a Bern. I figured out color overlays in Photoshop. :D Original black and white done with brush and ink. I like what the razor-blading did with her hair. It looks like stars. 


I´never drew higurashi fanart before

Knowledge and Miracles at Teatime


"Heh. Lady Bernkastel, you offer me an interesting choice; to accept the miracle and travel throughout this infinite Sea of worlds, or to sit here and expand my dreams in Gensokyo. A most interesting choice, but the way you phrase it overlooks something."

The mage looked at her guest, and grinned. It was a pleasant grin, but there was something burning behind it. Ambitions long simmering, finally given an opportunity to be realized.

"I have expanded my dreams, as you put it, considerably while in Gensokyo. I have done so considerably more in recent years. I cannot think of a reason why I could not continue to expand them still more even after accepting the miracle you offer."

She looked up and around the library. “You describe the multitude of Fragments as a Sea, Lady Bernkastel, and those Witches who travel it as Voyagers. Ships that voyage across the seas in the outside world may travel far and wide, but they all have a home port to return to. A safe haven to repair damage, to offer rest and relaxation, and for their captains to plan new expeditions.

"The Voile Library, this world within a world within a world, the repository of all the knowledge I’ve gathered, is very much a place like that. I can travel far and wide, learn new things, and come back to process what I’ve learned and let that help me plan further exploration. And even while here, I need not be idle. Gensokyo is a land of wonder, and its very nature means that new wonders are constantly appearing."

Patchouli looked directly in the other Witch’s eyes. “Lady Bernkastel, you offer me such a miracle that would allow me to traverse worlds and gain access to more knowledge than even I’d thought possible. Enough that I’d never run out of new knowledge to acquire, or new ways to apply it. What more could I possibly ask for?

"I would be a fool to refuse such a miracle. I am many things, but a fool is not one of them.

"I graciously accept your offer, Lady Bernkastel."

A small smile tugged up her lips. While she often loved to be the Witch that has seen the expansion of the multiverse itself, exchanging a few definitions was almost… calming. Bringing her down from the incorporeal being she was into her fleshy shell. How nostalgic. 

"Good," she whispered, "How wonderful. The Sea will be much less boring with someone like you in it." If she was lucky, maybe she could even have a spectator seat as some of the senior members of the Senate make a fuss. The Lady Bernkastel, recommending a Witch for promotion? Such a thing was almost… a miracle. She nearly giggled at the thought. 

She rose from her chair, and waggled her finger once. The leftover sweets snapped into an orderly formation, and closed themselves into a small ribboned box. “It will take some time to get the dusty relics at the Senate to actually shift their old bones into another meeting, but I’ll be certain to notify you once the motion passes. In the meantime, this was a wonderful tea party, Miss Patchouli. I don’t think I’ll have to worry about dying of boredom for a good few months.”

One of her kitties sprang off the table, and landed by the mage’s feet. “This child will take you back to your world. I do hope we can meet again, as fellow Witches.” 


Umineko no Naku Koro ni, old request. Bernkastel.

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shiro lolita~?

[Testing out my new sketchbook- scanner’s still broken.]

Happy birthday, Ushiromiya Battler. Somewhere, I think he’s being stomped on by that loud wife of his.


Pachslot Umineko: Willard & Lion vs Bernkastel **~~**


i haven’t drawn enough uminekos recently u0u


I was trying a different method of coloring ehhhh

I might finish this and make it a print for Mechacon. 


I made late b-day gift for you. This is my first time ever drew Bernkastel and she was so fun to draw. I’m sure she likes to scare other people, but she is really cool. :3

Oh Ko, thank you so much! Look at how cute Bern is! Thank you so much, this was definitely worth the wait!

She is very scary and very good!


I’m sorry but I just can’t be even half as emotional at ~normal~ photoshoots as I am in my stupid selfies :D

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So, um, what happened to the Nuzlocke?

[More like what happened to this blog! My Bern has been here and there, and nothing consistent enough to dedicate time to more than one or two replies at once. That includes the Nuzlocke, too.

So I’m still doing it! It’s just taking a little while.]