A Thousand Years of Boredom;
The Cruelest Witch in the World;


I cant believe this is a thing now bless you all

Anonymous whispered:
is there any particular reason that you chose to play your muse other than simply liking them as a true-neutral character?

[Ah yes, how could I possibly resist Saint Frederica of Bernkastel, the truest neutral that did nothing wrong?

I did like Bern a lot from the start because she is a villain (i love my antagonists!) who’s very clearly flawed despite having a passive exterior, but I honestly grew to like her more and more as I RPed her to be honest. At first, I wanted to play with the idea of a character that wasn’t the type to be so easily resorted to being a plaything and Umineko is my no. 1 fave, so it had to be one of the Witches. 

I ended up choosing Bern because I identified a bit with the whole concept of being bitter of your past and still striving to more past it, all while being relatively unsociable and having an out there sense of humor- not all positive things mind you, but I was always attached to her for that reason. Plus, she seemed like a really fun character to write, diving between elegance and a really harsh brashness.

…I’m sure you were expecting a bit more of a positive answer anon!]


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cagedingold whispered:
I hope you find the world being bathed in shadows and chaos just as amusing, then~

Shadows I don’t mind- I use them regularly. Chaos is more than fine… if it’s not the overused kind. If it’s just a dismal world haunted with transient spirits and black mist like how most people imagine chaos then, well, that’s horrifyingly boring. Chaos is at its essence boundless energy where many possibilities could occur. If that was tapped, then that would be something worth viewing with a platter of mint scones. 

But Lambda picked out this Fragment, and she loves that sort of thing, anyway.



"I’D not use th’ term ‘married’ ta describe th’ relationship between those two. MORE like mates, really. STILL, I share th’ sentiment—at least when it comes ta him. I have no clue how someone like her can stand speakin’ with him frankly, let alone have me an’ two others with him… THEN ‘gain, I s’pose her patience ain’ somethin’ I got from her.


"I ain’ plannin’ ta chow anythin’ down, though I certainly will not deny a meal’f that’s what ya’re offerin’."

"I always knew there was a good reason to stray away from marriage, and I suppose that is more than plenty. To be bound to a single person, ever enduring their worst points- why, I’d have to respect them infinitely to even bother with such an idea. And children- I certainly wouldn’t be able to do such a thing."

Bernkastel tilted her head in the general direction of the kitchen, and several of her kitties went scampering off. “Mm, i suppose I am. It’s been a while since I had company, after all. Does orange glazed pork suit your fancy? Or sukiyaki? I was just thinking about which would be better for dinner.”

cagedingold whispered:
*shrugs* It's all right. Your girlfriend's actually told Me I have the best chance to win out of all the fragments she's seen, which is why I know her at all. It's also why she signed some contract forfeiting her position as an observer or something right before the almost-logic-error from a year back.

Ah yes, I do remember Lambda going on and on about that potential logic error, although you both seem to have escaped neatly from that. As for whether your side will manage to grasp a victory… well, that result I admit wouldn’t be boring at all. 

A Fragment whose path greatly strays from the rest in its Cluster is quite the amusing one, after all.


The 7th gif in your gifs folder is your muses reaction to being told that they only have 3 days to live

Oh, it’s my Piece’s birthday…

…Well, that’s nice.

cagedingold whispered:
What do you mean, "solved"? Zorc being destroyed?

In that one, yes. Quite the <bad end> for your side, but the Pharaoh triumphed in that one. But that was just the Core Fragment, and while yours has branched off from it, there’s no certainty that yours will follow the same path. 

I do wish I could say more about it, but I haven’t actually done much investigating into your core Fragment, so I can’t entirely say what the true mystery to be solved is.

baiganr-altaica whispered:
"MIND'f I crash with ya fer awhile? ... IT 'ppears that even my mother ain' able ta 'ppease ta th' mood'f my father fer th' time bein'."

Oh dear, family troubles? Married life is such a chore, I really wonder how people sustain it for much a long period of time. 

But I don’t see why not. My home is your home, as long as you don’t clear out the pantry without notifying anyone. 

cagedingold whispered:
Hmn. Any of My stories hidden away in there, if I'm considered a piece? I have 3000 years' worth, after all.

As much as I like to raid Auau’s library, I haven’t had enough time to search through the whole thing. Although considering Lambda was able to freely grab your particular Game Board from the Sea, I don’t think your world resides in the City. 

…However, I have heard that your core Fragment has been solved. Perhaps Auau has that tucked away somewhere. 

cagedingold whispered:
Mn. As long as it wasn't of human life, that sounds pleasant enough. Did those stories involve you at all, or were they just collections of other 'boards'?

I will never endure those nightmares ever again.

Oh no, they were just collections of other Game Boards wrapped in fine paper and sealed with a cork on Auau’s shelves. All the ones related to me were bound together with a lock and chain, after all. Just an archive of Auau’s conquered worlds, her scrapped ones, and the ones forgotten by time. 

It was quite the stroll, especially for my Piece-self. 

cagedingold whispered:
Oh? What were you dreaming about? Or should I say who~

If only I did dream of my beloved Lambda, but my dreams weren’t nearly as pleasant. 

It dreamed… of my past. Not the dreadful moments, but the ones in-between, when I waited for one Fragment’s tale to finish and the next to begin. There I spent wandering Auau’s library, and seeing the countless worlds stored in her archive. As a Piece, I wasn’t quite ready to handle seeing such things… but I’m just being bitterly sentimental now.

cagedingold whispered:
Witch~ Didn't think I'd see you awake any time soon. Something in particular caught your attention?

To tell the truth, I’m not sure myself. I was having quite the pleasant dream, but even I grow bored of sleeping. I’m not the type to waste away in my sleep, after all.