A Thousand Years of Boredom;
The Cruelest Witch in the World;


The Covens  ══» The Coven of the Sun

Tell me who you are; I am spellbound; You cannot have this control on me; Everywhere I go; I am spellbound; I will break the spell you put on me

They were conceived at sunset and born on sunrise. They are the daughters of the God on Fire, the Golden King, the Eternal Light. Their magic is a candle that draws all near it and gives warmth. They are the shining path, the lost daughters of fire and morning. They day is bright, and full of happiness and beauty.

(Series that’s heavily inspired by the Girls Fighting Evil series by wormwoodandhoney . I take no credit for any of the pictures used.)


Her lips purse at the lack of any instructions.

Oh… I see… Well, you’re here at the very least!


Noticing the tapping, Erika nods then swiftly takes the empty mug to a hot plate with a tea kettle atop across the room.

“I’m sure you must be enjoying your freedom. I expect you must have crushed a few fantasies in the meantime.”

"If by ‘fantasies’ you mean the delusional dreams of the dullard and the dim, then yes I have quashed quite a number while solving the mysteries they happened to be involved in," she says while placing various dishware atop the counter.

The kettle is removed and tipped over so that tea be poured into the smaller cup before sweeteners are added and delicately stirred as Erika continues. “But nothing on par with disproving actual fantasies…”

The stirring stops and is followed by a deep sigh. “Honestly, those wannabes are quite dull compared to anything you’ve commanded me to rend.”


Pomegranate wafted up to her nose, and underneath… the subtle scent of apple. How pleasant. She only hoped that Erika’s horrid skill at tea making had improved over the centuries.

After a tentative sip, she declared a simple, “Not horrible,” before sinking back into her chair. 

Subtleties never passed by a Witch like Bernkastel unnoticed. A knowing smile threatened to perk up her cheeks, and she notched her finger around the handle of her teacup. “If there’s a Game Board that needs to be crushed, I’ll call on you. There are so many careless fools in the Sea, after all. An infinite number of Fragments yet to be discovered, but that much stays the same. So many humans drooling in their own ignorance.”

She took a sip. “Even Witches.”


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A study in creating great characters, by Aaron Ehasz (head writer of Avatar the Last Airbender). A lot of animation lead characters are forced to fit the far right criteria, but think of the many classic characters that are better described by the left: Tony Soprano, Frank Underwood, Jamie Lannister, Walter White, etc.

teen witches for mermaid-sydney

Oh I should probably start sewing my costume…

Hecate, lovely dame, of earthly, watery, and celestial frame, sepulchral, in a saffron veil arrayed, pleased with dark ghosts that wander through the shade; Perseis, solitary goddess, hail!  

Witch Series : The Supreme Witch.

The Supreme Witch, known more colloquially as The Supreme, is a worldwide recognized status among the witches descending from the Salem witch trials. While most witches possess only a handful of gifts, the Supreme is said to embody multiple, if not all, gifts. Historically, there is said to be only one Supreme per generation (approximately 30-50 years). Part of being a Supreme meant no ailments or diseases would harm the Supreme.

the witch


but humiliating and tearing out a corpse’s guts is my specialty…!

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witch series - urban witches (1/?)

they feel the magic in the grit of the dew-soaked asphalt, in apartment buildings that smell like potatoes, and in tattoo parlors where the artists blink a few times to make sure they didn’t just see her mermaid tattoo smile and wave. they feel the magic in the downtown skyscrapers, on fire escapes with cigarettes between their lips, on top of buildings where gardens have been planted, and in night clubs and bars where their best friend is a siren who’s singing onstage.

sweetmurderdoll whispered:

What do you like about roleplaying fluff?

[It makes for something fun and lighthearted that contrasts a lot with Bern’s poised and stoic persona that she gives off. A nice breaker from the rather heavy threads!]

What do you dislike about roleplaying fluff?

[Well, Bern isn’t a very fluffy person. Too much fluff I feel would be unrealistic (unless it’s with Lambda, but even that is non-traditional)]

What do you like about roleplaying ships/romance?

[Same for fluff! It gives me a different aspect of Bern that I can explore, and her hesitation to form lasting relationships is a very important part of her character!]

What do you dislike about roleplaying ships/romance?

[I have to be very careful to make sure that it isn’t forced. I’ve only shipped Bern with two people on here before- one was my Lambda, and the other was a relationship forged by multiple threads and based off a very strong respect. I can’t just throw together X and Y because it’s cute.]

NSFW rp — yes or no? Why?

[Gore, yes. Sex, no. Bern still has a kid’s body, and that’s a little off-putting to me.]

Do you ever read other people’s NSFW rp threads? (be honest!)

[I don’t follow anyone whose threads that I wouldn’t read. And I am a fangirl. Of course I do.]

Do you ever read rp threads you aren’t involved in? What type of thread does it usually have to be to interest you?

[Oh yeah! I like my battle threads, but also threads of deep importance to both parties. Also, the occasional lighthearted comedy!]

If you do read threads you aren’t in, do you usually let the other authors know, or keep it under your hat?

[Keep it under my hat. I assume that when they see me following, they know I read their stuff.]

Has a roleplayer ever changed your view on a character? If so, how? Good or bad? For better or for worse?

[I definitely have a better understanding of some characters- and definitely for better! I don’t see how a deeper perspective on any character could be ‘worse’! But yeah, some choice RPers have really done it for me, and I am so glad that they came along!]

Do you like to title threads or not?

[too much trouble.] 

Do you like to plot or improv?

[Improv is how I usually go, but I like to plot with characters who I’m not sure which direction to go in.]



" ‘F that’s what ya’ll insist ‘pon."

Stripes twisted and slithered upon fur as the muscles beneath stretched for a gentle brevity. Very easily, Maurecai softly chuffed at her for coming closer, as if rewarding her for the proximity. The Cat won’t bite… not unless he was given reason to, anyway. As far as he remembered, a noisy and quickened heartbeat was a petty ground for an act that could completely crumble bones. “SURE, I’ll lend a hand.”

A great yawn rattled from his maw to quiver even that which held his feline structure, unfazed by a chance for a chase. If anything, the shiver was for anticipation of such… Fitting, wasn’t it? If a fish had taken off somewhere in these vast waters, then a cat who wasn’t averse to it would diligently catch it if desired.

The stripes ripple again as the wildcat coiled, poising to dive into the depths himself. “YA’LL see me deep down there, yeah?” He wasn’t exactly luminescent, after all.

This great white tiger had prepared himself so quickly for the great drop. If only she had that kind of courage from the get-go. It had taken her three cycles before she’d taken one step off the balcony, and the Leviathan swimming by was the only thing that broke her fall. 

"Yes…the lamps down there should be strong enough." How they burned so consistently and breathed water was something she had yet to figure out. "But you have to imagine a gentle landing. Or else-"


She climbed over the railing and poised herself for the drop. Even having done it many times before, the prickle of fear still crept down her neck. Deep breath. Deep breath. Sweat wet her palms and slicked the railing.

Her fingers loosened, and she plummeted down into the abyssal cavern.