A Thousand Years of Boredom;
The Cruelest Witch in the World;

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A Witch is born out of the true hungers of her time. I am a child of the poisonous wind that copulated with the river on an oil-slick, garbage infested midnight. I turn about on my own parentage. I inoculate against those very biles that brought me to light. I am a serum born of venoms. I am the antibody of all time.

Honesty hour! Any questions my character(s) are asked, they will answer honestly!


Submitted by: Anonymous


"AHH, but yer kind would know a thin’ or two ‘bout sirin’ children ‘pon th’ whims’f havin’ a piece fer a gameboard, now would ya?”


Perhaps it might have been a far-fetched idea, comparing pieces to children, but for the idea itself to have been conjured from his own mind… Was it curious, he even had to wonder, for one as young as this culpriting cub to have it? “I do prefer sukiyaki, I think. IT’S somethin’ quite interestin’ ta me ta dunk whatever ya please inta boilin’ broth an’ have it suitable fer eatin’ in a span’f a few seconds. YES, there’s a chance fer th’ lazy ta burn yerself in th’ process, but…”

His ears flickered sharply with an accompanying chuff between feline lips. “IT’S peculiar ta be offerin’ somethin’ savoury with sweetness. THAT somethin’ ya fancy a lot? … HAH. I ain’ escapin’ that sort’f oddness even in places like this?”

She’d gone and told her kitties to go fetch the nabe pot, but that made her pause for a moment. Pieces… as children, hm? “On that you aren’t entirely wrong,” she said, snapping a fingers towards her kitties to gather some shallow bowls and start preparing the ingredients. “I suppose some Witches would like to think of their Pieces as children. All of them. But I would never be so kind as to think that. Could all of my Pieces really succeed? Statistically speaking, that’s impossible. Why bother recognizing failures? The ones I prefer are the ones that succeed and win their games. Only then might I possibly consider them something as close as a child.”

It was a cruel thing to say, but something like that easily passed through Bernkastel’s lips.

"Oddness?" A strange smile crept up her face, dancing between amusement and surprise. "You don’t honestly think that I would dare have something as two similar dishes to choose from, do you? The Sea is filled with oddness, or else Witches would have been extinct long ago."

cagedingold whispered:
I know. If I didn't have My family to take care of, it would have happened already. Isn't such a thing, melting away into blissful nothingness, infinitely better than having your heart eaten by an enemy once you're judged?

On that I must disagree. Witches of my class have either two fates- rust away or be killed. Falling into boredom and being consumed by the Sea is  the closest we get to fading into Mu, and even that has some substance to it. Even if we die that way, our existence isn’t purged. We may be dead, but we are not forgotten. We are not nothing.

Being killed by an enemy is a likely inevitability for me. So as much as I personally would despise such a fate, at least I can give them as much grief as I can before dying. 

cagedingold whispered:
Zorc's promised Me a safe haven, a small area where I can rule away from him, with his shadow power protecting and sustaining Me and My whole village. But even if that never came to pass.. If I got revenge, stole the world away, let the spirits rest, and could join the chaotic shadows forever, I would not consider that any less than victory.

Hm, you are far more agreeable to compromises than I expected.

…However, you do realize that ‘joining the chaotic shadows’ means becoming one with nothingness. Essentially, erasing your very existence. There is no compromising with nothing- you are either something, or part of the void. Mu has no past, only the present and the ever-unknown future. 


sweetgums whispered:
How do you feel about your piece, Rika? Do you hate her, because she's a reminder of you past? Or do you want her to be happy in your stead?

As much as I wish I could hate her, I truly cannot. We were one once, and we both fought in that hell. That bleak and endless hell that I wish I could forget. 

In my stead? No, that’s incorrect. She made her decision, and I made mine. She cast me into the sea, and I am more than ‘Furude Rika’ because of that choice. If she achieves happiness, it will be due to her own power, and I will be more than pleased. But her joy will not inhibit mine. I can still seek out my happiness on my own. 

So sometimes I see her, and how far she has grown from that hell, and with that I am content. 


cagedingold whispered:
Both and neither, in a way. Aside from where we are, it will be complete isfet. Darkness, emptiness, a watery void, nothing else. But that same chaos has the potential to birth the world anew--that's how it happened in the Nu at the beginning of time, after all.

Now that sounds like something worth looking into. The void always seemed like something Lambda wanted to look into. Much better than that dreadful cliche of darkness that many Fragments adhere to. 

And what exactly do you want there, in supreme nothingness?



I cant believe this is a thing now bless you all

Anonymous whispered:
is there any particular reason that you chose to play your muse other than simply liking them as a true-neutral character?

[Ah yes, how could I possibly resist Saint Frederica of Bernkastel, the truest neutral that did nothing wrong?

I did like Bern a lot from the start because she is a villain (i love my antagonists!) who’s very clearly flawed despite having a passive exterior, but I honestly grew to like her more and more as I RPed her to be honest. At first, I wanted to play with the idea of a character that wasn’t the type to be so easily resorted to being a plaything and Umineko is my no. 1 fave, so it had to be one of the Witches. 

I ended up choosing Bern because I identified a bit with the whole concept of being bitter of your past and still striving to more past it, all while being relatively unsociable and having an out there sense of humor- not all positive things mind you, but I was always attached to her for that reason. Plus, she seemed like a really fun character to write, diving between elegance and a really harsh brashness.

…I’m sure you were expecting a bit more of a positive answer anon!]


cagedingold whispered:
I hope you find the world being bathed in shadows and chaos just as amusing, then~

Shadows I don’t mind- I use them regularly. Chaos is more than fine… if it’s not the overused kind. If it’s just a dismal world haunted with transient spirits and black mist like how most people imagine chaos then, well, that’s horrifyingly boring. Chaos is at its essence boundless energy where many possibilities could occur. If that was tapped, then that would be something worth viewing with a platter of mint scones. 

But Lambda picked out this Fragment, and she loves that sort of thing, anyway.



"I’D not use th’ term ‘married’ ta describe th’ relationship between those two. MORE like mates, really. STILL, I share th’ sentiment—at least when it comes ta him. I have no clue how someone like her can stand speakin’ with him frankly, let alone have me an’ two others with him… THEN ‘gain, I s’pose her patience ain’ somethin’ I got from her.


"I ain’ plannin’ ta chow anythin’ down, though I certainly will not deny a meal’f that’s what ya’re offerin’."

"I always knew there was a good reason to stray away from marriage, and I suppose that is more than plenty. To be bound to a single person, ever enduring their worst points- why, I’d have to respect them infinitely to even bother with such an idea. And children- I certainly wouldn’t be able to do such a thing."

Bernkastel tilted her head in the general direction of the kitchen, and several of her kitties went scampering off. “Mm, i suppose I am. It’s been a while since I had company, after all. Does orange glazed pork suit your fancy? Or sukiyaki? I was just thinking about which would be better for dinner.”

cagedingold whispered:
*shrugs* It's all right. Your girlfriend's actually told Me I have the best chance to win out of all the fragments she's seen, which is why I know her at all. It's also why she signed some contract forfeiting her position as an observer or something right before the almost-logic-error from a year back.

Ah yes, I do remember Lambda going on and on about that potential logic error, although you both seem to have escaped neatly from that. As for whether your side will manage to grasp a victory… well, that result I admit wouldn’t be boring at all. 

A Fragment whose path greatly strays from the rest in its Cluster is quite the amusing one, after all.